ZFP Quartet

ZFP Quartet

Carlos Zingaro - violin & electronics   Marcio Mattos - 'cello & electronics   Mark Sanders - percussion   Simon H. Fell - double bass

The ZFP Quartet was formed in 2002, at the invitation of Portuguese promoter Ivo Martins, and combines Carlos Zingaro's two duos - with Marcio Mattos and with Simon Fell - adding master percussionist Mark Sanders to form a quartet. The group is dedicated to exploring extreme advanced string techniques, and the expansion and crossover of the resulting textures into the field of percussive and electronic explorations.

ZFP Quartet's first performance was at the Guimaraes Jazz Festival in November 2002; their debut CD Music For Strings, Percussion & Electronics was released by Bruce's Fingers in 2005. In 2006 the group appeared at the Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon in Austria, and at Munich's Offene Ohren; a second CD, Ulrichsberg München Musik, was released by BF in the Summer of 2007. In 2008 the group opened the Jazz ao Centro Festival in Coimbra, returning to Portugal for the first time in six years.

"It's really the eldritch group language that compels, from the explosive beginning to its slow, groaning conclusion. Music For Strings, Percussion & Electronics is a fine disc, well worth seeking out." Jason Bivins DUSTED
"Some of the best string playing on offer in recent times, whose depth comes from contrapuntal energies springing from deep within the wood of the instruments and is enhanced by the sober use of processing. Individual voices remain at one and the same time audible and coherent with the whole design, the musicians remaining fully aware of their position and going to great pains to leave sufficient open sky between the frequent patches of turbulence (special mention should be made of the incredibly sensitive Sanders), never tripping over each other's feet, completely in awe of the mysterious and bewitching creature they've given birth to." Massimo Ricci PARIS TRANSATLANTIC
"Though the CD's stark title leads you to expect something angular and modernist, Ulrichsberg München Musik turns out to be a small classic of unpretentiously eloquent Free Improvisation. For some reason it was largely overlooked among the crop of 2007 releases, but for my money it's one of the highlights of the past year." Nate Dorward CADENCE

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sound samples:

<a href="https://brucesfingers.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-strings-percussion-electronics">Music For Strings, Percussion &amp; Electronics by ZFP Quartet</a>   <a href="https://brucesfingers.bandcamp.com/album/ulrichsberg-m-nchen-musik">Ulrichsberg 1 by ZFP Quartet</a>

photo © Hannes Schneider 2006

For further information, other examples of the group's music, or details of fees, availability, contact:

Simon Fell
29 Teillet
23400 St. Dizier-Leyrenne

e-mail: info@brucesfingers.com

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